Ship Management

Ship Management

OGM offers ship management services for a wide range of vessel types, including conventional tonnage and sophisticated offshore service vessels. Our main strength focusing on Offshore, Tankers, Dry & Cargo, Cruise & Ferry. In addition, OGM established a well-organized department to further expand to the Renewable sector.

OGM’s main advantages include solid financial background, own manning offices, unique quality, and customer experience achieved through well-developed and lean processes and policies. Mostly, we have the best people. In OGM, “It’s all about people” – we take care of our people, our main asset, and then our people will take care of your assets!

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We believe that quality management can be achieved only by highly skilled and trained seafarers in combination with top-of-the-notch systems/platforms, experienced shore employees, and well-defined processes.

All those are ingredients that can lead only to a single result. Quality Management for our vessels!

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OGM’s Dry fleet counts 31% of the ~600 Vessels under Technical (60%) & Crew Management (40%).

We have dedicated teams handling all Port State Control / Rightship / Vetting matters in Europe and Asia. OGM is a member of Rightship and maintains direct relations on C-level as well as to critical ports (e.g. Port Hedland). Experts in Norway, Finland, Singapore, and Cyprus support our crew in Vetting preparations

OGM Dry Fleet contains: Bulk Carriers | Car Carriers | Container Ro-Ro Cargo Ships | Container Ships

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Cruise, Yacht & Passenger

OGM delivers tailor-made end-to-end maritime services for Cruise, Yacht, and Passenger Vessels within a growing fleet of Luxury Cruises, Expedition Cruises, and Ferries sailing worldwide. We are dedicated team-builders supporting and assuring our partners’ success in a safe and responsible way. Offering innovative support, career development, and a friendly atmosphere, we are proven to be the chosen employer and service provider within the industry worldwide.

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Offshore Wind / Renewables Energy

OGM is a well-established management company with a solid track record in the OSV and wind segments. With worldwide experience, global presence & top-class management of the day-to-day operation, we have become the preferred supplier of Offshore Management solutions. As a company, we are well experienced within Global Wind Organization standards with regard to our continued years of working with training, courses, and operations.

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