Our Team

OGM Key Person


Maidedi Wandra

Qualified as Engineer Officer Class I

(Certificate of Competency Engineer Officer Class I, Directorate General of Sea Communication, Jakarta)

  • Experienced 8 years as technical and operation manager at PT. Altus Angloeastern Indonesia
  • One year as senior technical superintendent Spil Ship Management/PT NSI (NYK Spil Indororo)
  • One year as technical and operation manager PT. SEA HORSE Indonesia
  • Three years as Technical Superintendent, OSM Ship Management, Pte. Ltd.
  • One year as Technical Manager of PT.CTP Line
  • Deal with oil majors
  • Dry Dock Experience for some motor vessels and motor tanker
  • Preparation for docking, budgeting, plan maintenance system program for vessel
  • Understand claim assurance processes and quality assurance processes

Shore experienced 5 years as Chief Engineer, BROSTROM TANKER SINGAPORE PTE.LTD., 1 year as 2nd Engineer Petro Ship Pte Ltd., 1 year as 2nd Engineer NAVIPOWER MARITIME LTD., 1 year as 3rd Engineer PT. Andhika Line, and 1 year as 4th Engineer PT. Andhika Line.

Capt. Kennedy R. Kowaas, M.Mar.

Graduated From STIP/AIP

(The Indonesian Merchant Marine Higher Institute, Jakarta) Year 1988, Holding Class-1 Master Mariner Year 1988.

Experienced 15 Years As Master World On Various Companies

  • MISC Malaysia
  • Ocean Tanker Singapore
  • OSM Singapore
  • Zapata Gulf USA
  • RK Offshore Oslo Norwey
  • Labroy Singapore
  • Bogasari Ocean 21 Fleet Ship Management Singapore
  • With Type Of Vessels
  • Bulk Carrier Supramax Panamax Size
  • Container 6000teus Class
  • Product & Crude Tanker Aframax Type
  • Offshore AHTS BHP 14000

Shore Experienced 10 Years In Management Various Position As Fleet Controller/Fleet Manager Marine Logistic Unocal Oil/CHEVRON Indonesia Oil & Gas Company In Charge Of Tanker & Offshore Vessels Operation, Safety QA QC And Commercial Asset And Contract, Port Captain Appenship Humberg In Charge Of Bulk Carrier Panamax & Cape Size, Operation Manager PT. Amas Nusa Persada Reps Appenship Humburg, Operation Country Manager For Banneret & Splendor Taiwan For General Cargo Vessel , Crewing Manager Bendera Mas Jakarta Reps ECO Ship Malaysia & AUSBULK Australia, Director Of Ship Crewing Management KPS, And Director Of PT. ABB Shipping Company, Lucturer Maritime Academy AMI Jakarta And Director III Maritime Academy. AKMI Cirebon Indonesia. Last Company FLEET SHIP MANAGEMENT.


Zainal Arifin

Graduated From STIP/AIP

(The Indonesian Merchant Marine Higher Institute, Jakarta) Year 1996, Holding Class-1 Master Mariner Engineer Year 2010,

  • 10 Years As Chief Engineer Worl Wide On Bulk Carrier Bogasari Line Ocean 21 Under MSI And FLEET SHIP MANAGEMENT Singapore
  • Chemical And Product Tanker BLT Company And General Cargo Ship Andhika Line Ship Mamagement Singapore
  • For Shore Experienced 2 Years As Marine Superintendent And Marine Contractor
  • Last Chief Engineer Experienced With FLEET SHIP MANAGEMENT, Singapore


Capt. Fredrick Christian Nggadas

Graduated from AIP

(The Maritime Education Institute)

  • Experienced 1 year as Manager PT Natalindo Eka Sejahtera
  • 1 year as lecturer Aman Jaya The Indonesian Merchant Marine Academy
  • 2 years as lecturer SMK Pelayaran Djajat, SMK Pelayaran Dewaruci, STIP Jakarta, and UNIMAR AMNI
  • 1 year as crewing manager PT Jayakusuma Perdana Lines

Shore experienced since 1985-1986 as Deck Apprentice M.V. Takari II Indonesia Container, 2 years as second officer M.V. Siau Indonesia General Cargo, M.V. Rimba Ramin Malaysia Bulk Carrier, and M.V. Rimba Tiga Indonesia General Cargo, 6 months as third officer M.V. Bunga Raya Malaysia Container, 1 year as chief officer M.V. Rimba Satu Indonesia Log carrier, M.V. Rimba Empat Indonesia Log carrier, M.V. Nordbay Cyprus Container, and M.V. Alice Malaysia General cargo.

Shore experienced 19 years as Master M.V. Global samudera Indonesia Container, M.V. Permai 1 Indonesia Container, M.V. MMM Belinda Malaysia General cargo, M.V. Permai 1 Indonesia Container, MV Marina Star 1 Indonesia Container, MV Mataram Express, MV Mataram Express Indonesia Container, MV SINAR KUDUS Indonesia General Cargo, MV Flores Sea Indonesia, MV Sawu Sea Indonesia, MV Flores Sea Indonesia, MV Loreto Indonesia Bulk Carrier, FLF Ratu Kumala Indonesia FC, FBU Harmony Indonesia FC, FLF Ratu Kumala Indonesia FC, FBU Harmony Indonesia FC, FLF Ratu Kumala Indonesia FC, MV Karunia Indonesia Bulk Carrier, and MV Bara Anugerah Indonesia Bulk Carrier.

You One Napitupulu M. Mar.

Graduated from STIP

(Merchant Marine Institute, Engineer Officer Class 1, Jakarta)

  • 5 years as 2nd assistant engineer MV. ACX MARGUERITE, MV. ACX SWAN, MV. SOSHANGANA, and SS. ECHIGO MARU
  • then 4 years as 3rd assistant engineer MV. PHOENIX DIAMOND, MV. HOJIN, and MV. NYK VIRGO.