Cruise, Yacht & Passenger

Cruise, Yacht & Passenger

OGM delivers tailor-made end-to-end maritime services for Cruise, Yacht & Passenger Vessels within a growing fleet of Luxury Cruises, Expedition Cruises, Yachts and Passenger vessels sailing worldwide. We are dedicated team-builders supporting and assuring our partners' success in a safe and responsible way. Offering innovative support, career development, and a friendly atmosphere, we are proven to be the chosen employer and service provider within the industry worldwide.

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Hotel Operations

In OGM, it’s all about people. We are friendly, we are responsible and most importantly, we are team builders. Our crew management expertise is based on the premise to seek out ideal talents for our customers to achieve the highest standards in hotel operations on board.

OGM’s large pool of individually assessed and certified international crew provides a competent and well-trained force for your Culinary, F&B service, Front Desk, and Housekeeping departments as well as for recreational service needs. Furthermore, we take pride in referring seasoned and passionate hospitality management professionals and master chefs to bring your hospitality service on board to the next level.

Technical Operations

OGM experience is built upon our core maritime technical management expertise from both conventional shipping to the most modern and hi-tech offshore units and vessels that require skilled crew, as well as a highly competent shore organization, designed to meet any customer requirements.? The same values and quality is transferred to the Cruise, Yacht, and Passenger vessels making us a reliable and well-positioned partner for our clients!

Hosipitality & Culinary Training

OGM manages a maritime hospitality training institution called ARENDAL in partnership with leading Tourism and Hospitality management Colleges in the Philippines. The ARENDAL training platform with its state-of-the-art facilities and its international team of experienced F&B and Chef faculty is educating and mentoring select graduates to become competent Hospitality and Culinary professionals fit for today’s cruise industry needs.

In line with OGM’s mission “to contribute to our customer’s success”, we address today’s market demands and are flexible to accommodate each customer’s specific training needs by adjusting our courses accordingly. Furthermore, for experienced Hospitality crew, our programs consist of modular training course components which offer trainees the opportunity to enhance their competencies and qualifications for individual career advancement and growth.

Careers in Cruise, Ferry & Yacht

OGM core values are “Responsible”, “Teambuilders”, “Friendly” and “Always On!”. We are looking for motivated, passionate people who are ready to honor our values and “to contribute to our customer’s success”.

OGM offers career opportunities for Deck & Engine crew as well as Hospitality personnel within our expanding global fleet of Cruise, Yachts & Passenger Vessels. Are you interested in joining our OGM family? Submit your application now.