Career Management

Career Management

We offer unparalleled, direct access to well trained personnel of all ranks in Jakarta.

Oceano Global Mandiri provides crew management services to third-party clients.


Our highly experienced manning offices have a reputation for supporting seafarers which has enabled the company to develop one of the industry’s largest crewing pools. Our extensive database assists the company in responding to client requests in a relevant and timely manner.


We only assign crew to vessels based on our standards for the position, the client requirements, crew qualifications and experience. We cater for contract, day-rate and finder’s fee crewing solutions.


Typically we will develop a vessel training matrix specific to industry and client requirements which is then integrated into our crewing system. Training outside the training matrix can be arranged at the request or approval of the client. All of our training is recorded and monitored via our crewing system.


As a competent crew manager we have the facilities to provide full payroll services, including:

  • Organise payroll for multiple companies
  • Record earnings and deductions
  • Assign payments via bank transfer, cash or cheque
  • Calculate gross to net based on local, national and international requirements
  • Assist with tax implications
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