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About PT. Oceano Global Mandiri

Oceano Global Mandiri Ship Management offers its services to shipowners around the globe, serving all types and sizes of ships. Oceano Global Mandiri brings forty years of learning and experience to all aspects of ship management, crew management, and technical services.

We create time - time for our clients to concentrate on making market decisions to increase the earning capacity of their ships - whilst we ensure their safety and optimal physical condition through the application of scientific, knowledge-based, independent management practices.

OGM Ship Management was established in 2011 based in the city of Jakarta Indonesia.

The business focus in Shipping Agency, Ship Crewing Management and Marine Technical Services.

OGM Ship Crewing Management

Our Crewing Management’s pool provide only for qualified, well trained, dedicated and experienced of Indonesian officers and ratings for various vessel types, such as Bulk Carrier, Container, Tanker and Offshore Vessels.

OGM Ship Crew Management are recruits and employs all crew ranks from Masters, Deck Officers, Chief Engineer, Engineers Officers, Deck and Engine Ratings and Steward Department, for its business principal for employment onboard and offers competitive salaries and benefits according to the Ship Owner standard scale.

Our Standard Quality Services

OGM Ship Crewing Management understands that crew on board is one of the key in running the vessels with safely and efficiency to achieve Ship Owner goals. Therefore our management are fully aware that safeguarding the vessels’ and their owners’ interests requires the qualified, well trained, dedicated and experienced crew.


Besides strict recruitment and selection procedure, we focus on crew continuous improvement to prepared them to meet the highest and latest international standards of seamanship and marine engineering skills with the appropriate training programs by our internal training program and we do cooperate with The Indonesian Merchant Marine Higher Education Institute STIP Jakarta and we have good relationship with the Indonesian Sea Communication Department.

Our Management realize and commit that the crew will always be our company’s most valuable asset and Company reputation.

OGM crew recruitment process and services are offered :

  • Stricly selection, interview and recruitment system
  • Crew data base system
  • Crew training and development program
  • Pre joining medical check up and Covid-19 protocol
  • Pre joining safety familiarization
  • Administration of STCW certificates and Flag state documents
  • Crew contract agreement and formalities
  • Crew working visa and travel arrangements
  • Safety working gear equipments
  • Crew assignment and replacement and rotation
  • Crew membership and welfare program